Now a days people are realizing the value of  aluminum and metal work, fencing supplier and fence installation.So its role to control unwanted access to under constructions roads, bridges, Parks, and temporary parking. Event management companies are providing you a best result  of any of your indoor or outdoor programs.The event can be a Party, an exhibition, a Stage performance, a wedding or any type of ceremony. In some sinario, you are not sure to have un expected crowd of people.All Events Managements companies, know the importance of crowd control and security values. Thats why they all need to have good and quality fencing supplier and barrier supplier.

The barrier  can be of any type in other words Police Barrier.Security Barrier, Heras Fence. Barricade, Hurdles, Railing, Hazard Tape, enclosure, Plastic Cone, Water Barrier, Mojo Barrier and concrete blocks

Considering heavy demand of crowd control Barriers. People are looking for locally made standard specification Barriers  and weight.So they do not want to import from other countries to save the transit time and import cost.

We are fence and barrier supplier.Therefore we can provide high quality Barriers with standard specification and required weight.Which we fabricate by Steel, Aluminum and Metal.

Mahraj provide the services of structure designing of Containers, Bus Stops, Sign and fence installation, Shades and Tents

Our event management companies also provide the installation service of Metal Construction, Fabrication. Fence Installation,Sign and Bill Board Hoardings Installation, Shade and Tent.

We have a big name in the industry of Metal Work. Aluminum Fabrication and Steel Fabrication. As the biggest supplier in UAE for Metal Fabrication.